Cryptocurrency Market Liquidity via Institutional-grade Data

Gain access to over $7 billion in daily liquidity through our high-performance streams & APIs

Institutional-grade cryptocurrency market data

Our global market data is blazing fast, precise, and reliable. The high-speed, consolidated market data streams deliver real-time and historical data from the worlds top crypto exchanges.

Our data management and transmission technology innovation enables us to deliver highly performant, accurate crypto market data. 

Integrated High-Performance Streams & APIs

• Trades
• Order Books

Real-time Market Data

Stream institutional-grade trade data directly into your algorithms or trading terminals. Access the vast array of markets, instantly.

Historical Market Data

Tap into historical data sets without the headache of assembling it yourself. Ingest historical trade data in minutes.

Consolidated Market Data.

Access $7+ Billion in Daily Liquidity.

Real-time Data Streams

helixstream delivers an unparalleled liquidity view across the global crypto markets. Utilize our institutional-grade streams to power your terminal, application or project.

Every Data Point

helixstream captures every element per trade for you to leverage as you see fit; providing one gateway to access the current state of actionable liquidity.

Real-time Exchange Rates

Hedge Funds, Institutions and Enterprises count on helixstream's real-time streaming data covering thousands of markets, tokens and currencies.

Powering Applications

Our institutional-grade stream can power HFT applications, data modeling applications, trading applications and many other crypto services.

Light Up Your Charts

Incorporate our datasets to generate relevant candlesticks, bring life into your charts and create the signals you need to capitalize on the markets.

Power Your Terminal or App.

Highly Performant, Precise Market Data.

Historical Market Data

helixstream provides the portal to pre-packaged historical data sources tailored for the crypto markets. Incorporate our datasets to perform your data analysis, populate a charting suite, or backtest algos.

Daily Market Activity

Receive a clear view into marketplace activity for the previous trading day. Don't stress about aggregation and accuracy - we have you covered.

Aggregated Market Activity

Combine the previous days market activity along with volume for a complete, detailed picture of transactions across the crypto markets.

Pre-generated OHLCV Data

Leverage our pre-generated OHLCV data from the previous trading day. Polished data ready to define or refine your edge in the markets.

Daily Volume Summary

Tap into the previous days summary of trading volume by transaction size and the number of trades across the marketplace.

Test & Refine Your Edge.

Backtest or Perform Technical Analysis Instantly.


Our Focus & Our Customers

We offer a variety of  market data solutions developed to provide the industry with transparent information to make informed decisions. helixstream services a diverse set of customers including hedge funds, institutions, proprietary traders, investment firms, and various digital asset businesses.


Enterprises or Startups

Quickly launch your SaaS service or App — minimal effort, maximize your value.


Hedge Funds

Deliver results to your clients faster with the most performant and reliable data source in the industry.



helixstream is your silent partner; we do the heavy-lifting while you take the glory.